About us

First based in Montreal (Canada), the Mtl Eat Art Collective aims benefit from from the rich diversity to later expand its art spaces internationally and invite new members from different food and art backgrounds. To suggest new projects and collaborations, please click here.

Each of our artworks and events are a learning experience for our collective to grow. We are renting spaces and applying to festivals and galleries collection to perform our artwork. We work sometime as a collective or separately.

Futur goals would be to rent spaces for months as an experimental eating atelier and to open a small gallery of Eat Art with our work archives and of collaborators in Montreal. 

Our members

Annie Maheux

Eat Art performer and visual artist

First trained as visual artist and Theater designer at Concordia University in Montreal, Maheux later trained at professional gastronomical cooking at ITHQ. She identifies primarly as Eat Art performer.





Arturo Ayala

Creative culinary professional

Talk the talk, but walk the walk. Better see what I can do before I talk about myself, that what cooks do.